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My Biography

Paula Daniela Cortés Cárdenas

My name is Paula Daniela Cortés Cárdenas, born on december eigth, i have siteen years. Course grade 11 in school San Isidoro.

My Dog

This is my dog, called simón, lives with me two years ago. It is black and breed Chihuahua. Likes to play eat and sleep. It's food favorite is meat Not you like that is disturbet and is very naughty.

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My family this formed by my mother, my father, my grandmother and my dog. The home is wide you have five rooms, a courtyard and a pool. My mom is called Francy Cárdenas it is jewerly and very good mother, my dad is called Alirio Cortés the is farmer, my grandmother is called Olga María and single us accompanied in the home and my dog that is called Simón.

What I Like To Do

It that more me like do is be with my premium that is called Valentina, me likes pass my time free playing, dancing and eating. Me likes much be to the side of it already that is a girl, friendly and very funny. Spite of be a girl me understand and i trust much in it..


In this photo am with my friends, to they two the i love much. Call Liseth Carvajal and Laura Ortiz. Them spent the best moments of my life, i trust them. Have been with me through thick and thin, Loughs, shouting, we do everything together, and we like to take pictures together

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